You know how back in 4th year when consultants would ask me questions and I would “umm” for 5 minutes and say I dont know to things I actually do know? 

Well. I think I’m breaking the curse.

This past week on gen med I’ve been able to answer most questions posed to me! And correctly, I might add. And even ones with giant lists of answers, I can provide atleast 2. Where before, I’d draw a big fat blank. 

My consultant even told me that I’m doing really well.

I’m so glad I’m getting over that awful fear and mind blank that haunted me back then. 

Hopefully this means I’m becoming competent in some way. Huzzah! 

You know what’s weird?¬†

When someone asks you a vague question with just one possible answer in mind…

Dr: So how do you check a child’s development? 

Me: Um you can check if they’re meeting the milestones for their age.

Dr: *silence* *staring*

Me: Well there’s gross motor, and fine motor, and social and communication..

Dr: *eyebrows raised*

Me: And you can ask the parents if they have any worries…? 

Dr: Mhmm you just have to say “use the Denver scale”. Bosses will think you’re really smart if you do. 

Me: ….. -__- I see. 

Why do people do this? Eugh. Just why.