Just finished my poster on this GP run. Apparently all students are required to contribute to their GP clinic in some way during their 4 weeks. This does NOT include cleaning and organising, apparently. Which stinks because I’ve done a HECK of a lot of that.

My GP asked me instead to educate the nurses at the rest home she manages. I was required to make a poster about the top mortality and morbidity causes in a rest home and how nurses can prevent these. And it was not easy. Apparently not many people are very aware of these issues and as such, research papers in this area were surprisingly scarce. 

But I did not give up. And so 3 weeks, long hours of googling, (specifically, google scholar-ing, Pubmed-ing and Medline-ing), challenging my computer’s RAM, and frantically digging up my poster making skills later, 

Voila! Isn’t it poifect? 


It seems to have more info than an average poster. But my GP did say she liked how colourful it was and approved it (albeit with small edits) and this is the final draft! Onward to A3 printing and laminating. 

After which time it will be plastered on a wall in a hallway of the rest home where nurses will walk past it barely reading the whole thing. Because come on. I don’t believe it’s going to change much at the rest home, but hey. I tried!

The best part however, is the pure satisfaction I get from closing the -what seems like- millions of tabs I had open of the various website I took bits of info from and compiled together first on Word, then on pdf, then finally on PowerPoint. 

My goodness. My screen has never looked so cluttered. So happy the little X on the top right hand corner of the screen can be highlighted and clicked on! 

desktop 2
Farewell to these websites and thank you for helping put together this poster for whatever it’s worth on a wall somewhere in a small rest home. 

Ahh. The satisfaction of completion. 

Now I can get back to cramming for my mini-cex tomorrow. Since I pretty much screwed up the last one, tomorrow had better go well. But I haven’t been studying much due to this poster. Eugh. May some  odds be ever in my favour!