Pastel Shades 

I know I’ve gone on about Summer feels and how things look very exciting and bright in pictures.

I’ve also talked about how winter makes everything look calmer and deeper.

I’ve recently noticed that coming up to Autumn, everything has pastel shades.

Like the pictures I’ve taken above. The colours are just so easy on the eyes. Everything is just the right tone to show that seasons are changing and the air is becoming more crisp. The sun is there but only just. The weather is lovely and calm but not too cold. 

It’s a different kind of ‘filter’.

Summer Things

I’ve had a bit of an absence haven’t I? Well my summer is finally picking up!

Actually not really. I was sick for the past few days. Got a cold just as the seasons are changing. So spent a good four days in bed trying to breathe through my blocked upper airways and sinuses. Which was great actually because I needed an excuse to just stay in bed for a while.

The other things I’ve been doing are going to my GP (the place I had my rotation at) to assist on surgeries once a week. Skin excisions, etc. The other week I actually got called in because their nurse was away and they needed someone to triage patients and make phone calls. I went along of course. I  have this inability to say no to people. Which I’ll tell you about later.

I have also been low-key studying for my final year at med school. Yeah yeah what a nerd, studying over the holidays. But It’s not my fault! They freaked me out at orientation saying how difficult our final year will be and how consultants expect you to be top notch! So I’m currently less than top notch…. Which means I’ve got to get started on preparing for this. I haven’t been studying while sick, you’ll be glad to know. Eugh.

Finally, a friend of mine convinced me to go on a hike with her in the Waitakere ranges. A huge mountain range that borders West Auckland. It has all sorts of things from beaches, to waterfalls, to nature trails. And my friend really wanted to explore a particular track that was basically scaling a mountain face to a lookout point. The trail itself was 2 hours and was scarily steep uphill for most of it. But we did it! Got some stunning photos at the top.


You just don’t get this lighting in winter. It’s definitely a summer special. The bright colours and clear skies is something you have to wait for. And obviously it meant some landscape photography for me! Yay for summer!

Of course once I got home, my feet were dead, my legs were dead, and I basically crashed back into bed. But hey! It was worth it!