Out And About Melbourne Photos

It’s the first sunny day I’ve had in ages!! Hallelujah! This trip is the perfect time to reunite with my canon. And so the following photos were taken on a trip to a couple of places! Pretty happy with these and it feels so good to use my camera again. xD


Rockmelon flower.jpg

Just getting back into some macro photography. This is at the infamous Victoria Market with some amazing Australian produce. I like what they did with the melon

Antique compass

Antique stuff 2.jpg

The Victoria market isn’t just for produce though! They sell everything from clothes, to boomerangs and didgeridoos, to antique compasses, pocket watches and sundials. I thought it was pretty neat!




And then I went to a place called Brighton beach with about 70 of these brightly coloured huts! I have no idea what they’re there for but you may have seen them on the previous season of Masterchef.

The beach itself is extremely narrow and I was dangerously close to the water when taking these photos. But mostly because I had to move around enough to make sure I didn’t get any other people in the frame. Which was not very successful. Eugh.

But it’s okay. It was a sunny day at the beach with my camera. A pretty good day overall.