That Which Disturbs Silence

Some days I wish I was born both mute and deaf.

Not to trivialise or insult anyone who is mute or deaf. But some days I wonder what it would be like to be born and never hear awful things being said. And as such never being capable of saying anything awful? 

Some things can’t be unheard. What would it be like to not hear terrible, harsh sounds being spoken about yourself or others. What would it be like not to be scared beyond belief of what you might open your mouth and say that sets something horrible in motion? 

I’ve complained about silence. But some days, I wish nothing more in the world. 

There was a movie about a fictitious illness that spreads by talking. So everyone in a village had to be mute for a certain period of time. Really interesting movie. Everyone would be forced to only convey what needs to be conveyed. You can’t yell at or insult another person or express your anger through speech. You can’t attempt to destroy another person with your words. Wouldn’t that be nice.

I’ve had a long day. Not a great one, and so these were the thoughts going through my head during an important med school test. Sigh. 

It did get better though. While I was standing in the rain getting drenched waiting for someone, all I could hear was the rain. 

And that’s when Buddha’s words came to me.  

Words to live by.